VMware and Dell – Moving apart from each other and still achieving greatness

November 4, 2021
Access Tech: VMware is back in control to serve their customers in unique ways. Although no longer owned by Dell, VMware continues to grow their partner relationships with them to provide more flexible services.

VMware is again a standalone company as their previously majority-owner, Dell, is no longer in control. VMware serves their customers in these “three unique ways”:

  • Being a trusted foundation with critical business operations
  • Having an innovative portfolio of high quality multi-cloud solutions
  • Having many strategic partnerships that unlock potential benefits of multi-cloud technology

VMware is now much more flexible in terms of competitive offerings. They are growing their partner relationships so they can offer more combinations of options. Even so, they will still be working with Dell as a valuable partner. VMware currently provides their VMware Cross-Cloud Services, and they strongly encourage existing and potential customers to consider the many benefits of working within the multi-cloud.

[Source: VMware]