Tech “hype” trends – What’s in and what’s out?

October 8, 2021
Access Tech: Tech "hype" trends can help you in the new year. Gartner's hype scale tracks innovations in the tech industry that will play a role in 2022. Are you with the trends?

As we inch closer to the end of 2021 (how are we already in the 4th quarter?!), we have enough data to compare the assumed IT innovations with those that are realistically emerging.

To visualize this, take a quick look at this interesting graphic from Gartner via ZDNet – Are you surprised by any of these lingo aspirations?:

Hype Scale – Q4 2021

As you can see, using (and potentially realizing) the term “Digital Humans” appears to be an actual expectation, expected to be commonplace in equal to/less than 10 years’ time. This begs the question about what Digital Humans are – Chat bots? Or maybe self-driving cars? If that is the case, we’re already there, Hype Cycle!

Another note of interest is the expected time frame of the emergence in the term “Employee Communications Applications.” It is unclear how this would be considered as still in progress as these are real apps and currently in use by hundreds of companies. However, as we all know, said applications are still in need of some pretty major development. 2 to 5 years until that hype plateau is reached seems believable.

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[Source: Gartner Hype Scale]
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