Navigating through data compliance complexities

October 4, 2021
Access Tech: Data deletion and retention policies are put in place to ensure security for your customers. Don't violate your customer's trust! Make sure your data compliance strategy is really protecting them.

Is your organization one of the 31% not following data deletion and retention policies? What about other data compliance issues, like the ones that have caused companies fines of $1.3 billion and counting? Indeed, there are issues outside of getting hacked that you need to do something about, or it will cost you.

If your data compliance strategies are focused on how you use your data, there needs to be an equal focus on how it is stored and deleted. These compliance issues are put in place to protect consumers who put a lot of trust in the companies with which they do business. When a hack occurs, sensitive data gets into the wrong hands, which is why you need to adhere to a strict data retention schedule. Furthermore, the way data is stored or deleted must also be clearly laid out and followed.

Encryption is often thought of as the first crucial line of defense. A best practice that you should adopt is the “always on” encryption rule. There are technologies available that can help you maintain an “always on” approach to encryption, which means you can’t disable the encryption of data.

Data Storage and Best Practices

Getting hacked is costly, but failing to meet data compliance regulations can be just as painful.Automation is everywhere today and it has a place in your data compliance plan. When you automate as many tasks as you can as it pertains to security, you reduce the risk of human error. From key rotation to periodic key regeneration, automated key management and a host of other perks, automated processes take care of the tedious, time-consuming, and often overlooked preventive measures that must be carried out.

Complexities in Compliance

The cyber criminals are lurking in larger numbers than ever, and they are a crafty bunch. Compliance regulations are put in place to ensure they have fewer successes in breaching your data. Navigating the compliance rules and regulations can be difficult, even for organizations with a dedicated data compliance team. To add to the complexities, technology is constantly evolving, which means it can also be difficult to stay on top of the tools that keep your data safe.

From data storage to automated and monitoring technology, working with a third party professional can help you identify the hardware and software you need to stay in compliance while keeping your data safe and your workflow free from bottlenecks.

At Access Tech, our mission is to assist you in identifying which technologies will work for you. We’ve worked with many clients who have grown frustrated with technology and gone down the trial-and-error path and are still unsatisfied with data storage and data compliance solutions. That’s where we come in. Access Tech can help you take a custom approach to protecting your data and staying in compliance. Contact us, and let’s talk about your needs.

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