Business closures: There are cybersecurity risks involved

September 29, 2021
Access Tech: Your exit plan for business closure is tedious but important work. Do you have procedures set in place to tie up your loose ends?

The closing of a business is a major process which includes paying attention to all loose ends. Perhaps in the haste of closing one’s business, certain security aspects are forgotten, procrastinated, or unknown. An excellent way to prevent your business from falling prey to random cybersecurity risks would be to create (and follow) a checklist.

This checklist does not have to be tedious, but it should be helpful. What are the most important things to do? Create an exit plan that at the very least includes these crucial steps:

  • Close down your website – Remember to contact the hosting company as well
  • Secure the physical premises – Remove all hardware and wiring
  • Disable account access – Employees that no longer need access to your data will need that access prevented

If you are closing your business, or maybe just one or a few of your locations, please reach out to Access Tech. We are extremely experienced in assisting companies with audits, carrier and vendor relations, and contractual obligations or explanations. This is a process that we can help you with and would allow the prevention of such tasks causing further stress. The closing of a business does not have end catastrophically; it can be done in a way that maintains your company’s dignity during that change.

[Source: Cybersecurity dangers when a business closes]