Are hosted desktops the answer to a remote workforce?

September 22, 2021
Access Tech: Working from home presents more security issues due to the mix of work and personal activities on the same devices. Are you the only one with a house key?

As we move further into the pandemic abyss, many companies are wondering when it will be time to move back to the office and away from remote working. This particular issue may not have a resolution for quite a while, unfortunately. Even when the virus’ statistics start to improve, companies are revisiting those outlooks. Namely, gauging overall work environment costs with the overhead that has been saved while employees are working from home.

The most problematic piece of this is security. While a business may save money with a remote workforce, the security requirements must remain key as each worker needs “to be working in a secure environment. The problem is that home devices are not inherently secure. If the individual is using their devices for both personal and business activities, then chances are they may not have installed the latest operating system updates or have anti-virus and other systems present. This means the device may be riddled with viruses, Trojans and other malicious payloads.”

Do not put your company’s data at risk. There are ways to prevent and save yourself from terrible consequences. In fact, a great solution is most likely a hosted desktop environment. Four great benefits of this route would be:

  • Control: Updates, patches, access, data can all be controlled by the organization
  • Security: Storage on user devices can be controlled
  • Continuity: Uninterrupted work is more likely
  • Breach Prevention: Establishing external device malware avoidance

Are you in need of assistance with implementing a solution so you can reap the above benefits? Look to Access Tech for your hosted desktop services resources. We have been working in a hosted environment for over six years and can provide a customized audit and recommendations to move your company into a safe, controlled remote environment.

[ Source: Hosted desktops to the rescue ]