Tech professionals are in high demand

September 8, 2021
Access Tech: Help wanted in the tech industry! Job postings and hiring for tech positions has increased in the last year.

An incredibly large amount of the American work populace left their jobs last year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in “April alone, nearly 4 million people, or 2.8% of the workforce, resigned.” That may shock you. It may also yield a lot of questions. Such as: In which industries were these jobs abandoned? Which industries have grown due to this change? What is the status of our employment rates? Are they growing, and where are companies looking to hire?

“We are in one of the hottest tech job markets since the dot-com era, as evidenced by the upward trend in tech job postings since November 2020…Technologists are in incredibly high demand across multiple sectors including tech, defense, healthcare and finance.”

Let’s touch on tech job postings. According to a report recently posted from DICE, one of the nation’s largest tech staffing agencies, this category is up 16% in just the last quarter. That is astounding. With such an increase in one job type, there must be a huge driving force behind it, creating needs for the skills these jobs provide.

Recent job postings have shown these skills as some of the most sought after:

  • Salesforce CRM: Increased 22%
  • Data Management: Increased by 18%
  • Project Management: Increased 15%
  • Python (a high-level programming language): Increased 15%

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[Source: Nationwide tech hiring surge]
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