Getting to the cloud can be a heavy lift

September 8, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

Recently, one thousand IT decision-makers were polled and the majority agreed that moving a company’s workload to the cloud can be difficult. They also agree it requires third-party assistance to get anyone there successfully.

Additionally, Pathway, a platform for automating cloud migrations, found that 40% of respondents lack the internal skills to plan and execute data migration. This is mostly due to about 48% lacking the tools needed to get there without a catastrophe.

In this same poll, 38% of these IT folks fear they will not be able to manage worker expectations. 29% acknowledged a lack of skills to confidently test and validate the results.

Despite these concerns, 85% reported they are experiencing an increase in demand to move workloads. Many of these initiatives were brought on due to COVID. 25% of respondents have already initiated these migrations.

At 98%, almost all of those polled said they prefer a hybrid strategy. Half conceded they do not know exactly which loads should be moved, and whether they should be kept locally or retired altogether.

Access Tech can help your organization develop a strategy and provide migration resources to ensure your cloud journey will be successful. Reach out to us to get your business migration moving right away.