Are USB flash drives still safe?

August 23, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

Have you had a chance recently to consider whether those USB flash drives you are still using actually pose a risk to your security? You may be surprised to find out how easy they can compromise your data. Or, by understanding the technology of how easy it is to manipulate data with such a device, it may not surprise you.

Here are some fascinating statistics from the 2021 Honeywell Industrial USB Threat Report:

  • 37% of threats were specifically designed to utilize removable media

            (This is almost double from 19% in the 2020 report.)

  • 79% of cyber threats originating from USB devices or removable media could lead to critical business disruption
  • 30% recent increase in the use of USB devices in production facilities last year

While these numbers are a bit shocking, they definitely support the continued dependence on external device media that exists in our economy. The need is driven by convenience and simplicity. However, these same aspects can be a perfect recipe for endangering your company, and personal, security.

Considering the popularity of flash drives, it is best to have a solid security solution in place on every device that uses the Internet or needs any kind of protection. Do you have questions about how to secure your data? Reach out to Access Tech any time for answers to anything you need.