What is BYOD and does it put your security at risk?

August 20, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is becoming increasingly popular due to the influx of remote working. Are you a remote worker? Do you employee remote workers? Are you security-conscious about the vulnerabilities that come along with the BYOD working environment?

It is common to go full speed in one direction committed to security measures, while forgetting that flexibility still needs to exist when protecting your data. Although this is a difficult balancing act, it is possible. What are some of the ways this can be done?

  • Do not use unsecured WiFi networks
  • Commit to security awareness trainings for all employees
  • All BYOD devices follow uniform, fundamental security procedures and standards
  • Control who has access to what data

These suggestions might be common knowledge to some, but there are many who do not know where to start when it comes to securing devices. In fact, these important and strict rules may be too overwhelming to put into place on your own.

Please feel free to contact Access Tech as we can assist you in auditing and maintaining a secure network infrastructure.