The newest COVID impact is already showing itself

August 13, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

As we continue to watch and experience the continued effects of the COVID phenomenon, we are starting to see yet another wave of need. This is mostly centered around bandwidth speed and availability, which is understandable with so many people still working from home. Thus far, remote working does not seem to be lessening.

How impactful are these new remote lifestyles?

Determining how impactful remote working actually is to our society can be sourced from many viewpoints. One “survey of 1,908 business professionals…notes 40 percent of respondents plan to upgrade their residential broadband service to cope with the increased network demands of working from home.”

I’m sure we can imagine how the telecom carriers and internet service providers are scrambling to keep up with the drive. However, this depends on the area and how developed it already is. Those in rural areas are getting a new lease on life with all the building taking place.

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[Source: SmarterMSP]