Virus retro glimpse: The SirCam worm

August 11, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

The SirCam worm’s origins stem from 2001 and it had an unusual way of infection. Do you remember this worm and how it impacted users?

This worm was not only dangerous but weird. It “traveled inside a file plucked from the infected user’s own computer. This means an infected computer might send a user’s entire address book a file that looked legitimate (the latest version of a memo, perhaps), contained confidential information, or was wholly personal and embarrassing.” This was not a good thing back then and would still not be today

How did the SirCam worm work?

How could such a thing happen? “The SirCam program contained its own SMTP protocol, giving it the power to spread, not only to email addresses through Outlook, but also to recipients whose data was stored in other programs, such as billing software.”

Although this happened in the early 2000s, it is still happening in different ways today. Prevent these events by protecting your data and having a defined disaster recovery solution in place.

Watch out for those worms!

[Source: SmarterMSP]