Are you one step ahead of ransomware attacks?

July 14, 2021
Access Tech Insights

I’m sure you’ve noticed how many ransomware / malware attacks have been occurring as of late. Are you one step ahead of these attacks so you can prevent any potential fallout? The first step in prevention is understanding the problem. Here we will briefly explain what ransomware attacks do and why they are so dangerous.

How does a ransomware attack work?

Phishing emails are the most common form of these attacks as the user receives a link via email or text, clicks on it, and the gates are open for the virus to infect anything that may have even a slight security vulnerability. That is how quickly and effectively these attacks occur. Thought of in those terms, it is actually quite frightening.

Because we have so many people working from home, we are seeing an increase in these scenarios. For this reason, ensure your workers are aware of these issues and educate them in how to avoid viruses from getting in.

Are you concerned your operations may be vulnerable to ransomware attacks? Contact Access Tech today for a quick audit on your carrier services and security software. We will assist in providing advice and alternatives should you be susceptible to such a catastrophic event.

[Source: SmarterMSP]