Are on-premises IT environments still popular today?

July 9, 2021
Access Tech Insights

With the plethora of cloud services affordable and available to businesses in today’s IT world, it may be surprising how many still use on-premises IT environments. The convenience that is afforded with cloud-driven services would seemingly cancel out the old way of doing things, historically via on-premises tech. However, locally sourced IT and the usage of data centers are still on the rise. What are the reasons these companies continue to use these types of processes?

Major reasons on-prem IT continues

With over 75% of businesses continuing their on-premises solutions, there must be some valid reasons to keep hardware involved in their IT environments. This primarily revolves around security. Data centers are renowned for their success in controlling and maintaining crucial functions without risking the security of the data being managed. Until the cloud transformation is fully operational and trusted by the majority of the population, complete cloud options remain doubted by many in terms of compromised security.

Additional factors include performance, compliance, and cost. If we keep in mind that a lot of companies have already invested in, and maintained contracts with, certain carriers and equipment, we then understand the cost savings. Keeping things as they are or moving to hybrid, instead of doing a full cloud migration, is often thought to be the only solution possible.

If you find this information piques your interest about whether you should be moving to the cloud, contact Access Tech. Perhaps you are intrigued about whether you should stick to on-premises operations, or if visiting a hybrid option might work better. We are your guide in digital transformation solutions and look forward to working with you and assisting with any questions you may have.