What is Cloud Direct Connect?

July 2, 2021
Access Tech Insights

Perhaps you are familiar with Cloud Direct Connect and what it can do for you. Or maybe you were wondering about what it actually is. We can help to provide some useful info about what this term means. In general, it is a technology that is based around cloud storage. Cloud Direct Connect “is a connection between a private network and a public cloud.” Previously, connections to the cloud were public network to public cloud so this is an impressive advancement.

Whether you have a hybrid cloud, or only private, or only public, with this technology you can “interact with these clouds from a private, dedicated network.” Cloud Direct Connect is allowing data storage to improve exponentially. Data storage encompasses several crucial concerns like security, reliability, speed, and future upgrade potential. This technology would cover all of these aspects and improve your company’s infrastructure, allowing those important data storage needs to be much less of a burden.

For more info on Cloud Direct Connect, reach out to Access Tech. We would love to continue the conversation and aid in determining how this solution would work for you.