Do you already know everything about SD-WAN?

June 30, 2021
Access Tech Insights

Are your internet circuits reliable? What happens if one of the circuits go down; will the other circuit automatically pick up? Can you load balance the data usage your company needs so there is a consistent amount of bandwidth available? These questions are important to ask if you are in need of improving your existing data reliability. Introducing: SD-WAN. This technology is the answer to these burning questions.

SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network. It has the ability to determine which data circuit is used as primary or secondary, allowing for a literal failover. Additionally, it has the ability to load balance both circuits at once, making bandwidth available whenever it’s used in high demand. It does this by routing “traffic across branches, data centers, and clouds to achieve maximum WAN coverage.” Does this sound too perfect, too helpful, and too reliable? It honestly is. It is worth every penny.

To discuss the details and the specifics of how it would help you, and if it would be appropriate for your business structure, reach out to Access Tech. We are extremely familiar with SD-WAN, from deployment to personal use, and it’s been a boon for us for many years. We will help assess your needs and advise the process of how implementing SD-WAN would affect your operations.