Should you rethink your customer engagement?

June 25, 2021
Access Tech Insights

In our current social climate where our remote workforce is still rising, a strong core in technology is imperative for success. So, what about customer engagement? Are you focusing resources towards engaging your customer audience? What types of marketing communication does your company use to keep your voice present and relevant? Most importantly, is it working?

It’s easy to continue doing what has worked in the past, even if it isn’t as effective today. Take some time to analyze the ways you currently use to incorporate social connections and determine if there is room for improvement. Here are a few tips that will help in that process.

How can you improve your customer interactions?

There are several ways to ensure you are interacting with customers effectively. For example, ensuring someone is reachable at all times can go a long way in proving a customer, or potential customer, can rely on you. This includes the ability to leave voicemails, and for those messages to be responded to in a timely manner.

Another tip would be to consistently maintain presence using various online avenues. This shows your company does have a voice, and that you are engaged. Do this by regularly updating your website, updating your digital profiles, proactively updating customers via email, offering free services and tools online, etc.

Lastly, encourage your employees to use their voice as well. Together and externally, ensure they are taught how to use their UCaaS tools to their best potential. IM, videoconferencing, and phone calls are easily made with UCaaS features. A very important part of this includes making sure their bandwidth is sufficient for those business needs.

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