Your Small Biz Guide to Remote Work

June 23, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

There are many things we need to consider in our new, mostly remote, workforce. Are you as prepared as possible for this journey, and for the changing roads ahead? Or are you struggling with some of these challenges? Read further to uncover some suggestions to help you on your way.

Transforming Your Company to Be Remote-Ready

Let’s touch on the most important tips and examples that you should prioritize while you are gearing up for your remote workforce adventure.

#1: Configuring your network. This is clearly an important necessity when your employees have moved to a virtual work environment. Focus on reviewing and analyzing the hardware required for each remote position. Also, network monitoring is very necessary because it allows you to evaluate data usage and performance. Ensure that you create and enable methods of backing up your data, and assess whether the bandwidth is sufficient for those needs while allowing daily work efficiency.

#2: Engage and collaborate with your employees and management often. This can be done in many ways and is extremely important for meaningful, effective communication. Do this by videoconferencing, providing regular updates to all parties, and implementing UCaaS features to be used as tools.

#3: Security, security, security. Provide appropriate, engaging user education. Prioritize patch management and updates. Use reliable virus software and firewalls which must go along with establishing VPNs to prevent threats and malware.

For more info on how to prepare your workforce for a profitable, smooth transition into the remote workforce, reach out to us at Access Tech. We have bountiful resources and look forward to opportunities to educate, assist, and inspire your path.