The evolution of ransomware – are you safe?

June 16, 2021
Access Tech: The Evolution of Ransomware – Are You Safe?

As we look back on the evolution of ransomware, there are many opportunities for learning from other’s unpreparedness. Simple fixes could have prevented almost all of the major hacks that have made their way through the fallible security measures most companies have in place. Is your company protected from the pitfalls of a ransomware attack? What if malware makes it through your current defenses? Would your company stand strong and survive attempts to take your network down? Ask yourself these questions and learn from our technology age’s past experiences.

Historically, we can look as far back as 1989, when we were introduced to these types of attacks. Called Trojans, a major hit was received by the AIDS educational awareness industry via a floppy disk containing malware. More recently, Reveton and CryptoLocker appeared, causing heavy blows to social engineering. The 2014 CryptoLocker scam caused extreme damage to bitcoin users by Russian hackers.

This is an important reminder that ransomware and hacking are still present, and still harmful to everyone. Are you susceptible to these predators? Or, do you feel secure in your security measures? Reach out to Access Tech and we can heartily assist in analyzing your current level of ransomware prevention.