Dangers of the Colonial Pipeline hack – are you protected?

June 4, 2021
Access Tech: Dangers of the Colonial Pipeline hack – are you protected?

Have you noticed an increase in gas pricing and fuel shortages in your area? You probably have, and it’s occurring all throughout America. The primary cause for this is a ransomware hack that hit the Colonial Pipeline. This has unsettled our country’s fuel sources. Frequently, people tend to panic in these situations, leading them to buy up whatever resource seems to be depleting. This usually causes more issues with the lack of availability and convenience. Since COVID, these circumstances are now quite familiar. We saw how the stampeding desperation had a dangerous effect within our society.

The current gas frenzy we are seeing is directly linked to a hack on the Colonial Pipeline’s computer system. It impacted them so greatly they had to suspend their operations for several days. How would your company fare if the same thing were to happen? What could Colonial have done differently to prevent them from such vulnerability?

There are many ways to prepare and prevent your business from ransomware hackers. Doing so will save you money, time, and customers. Networked devices need to be protected with effective security measures, along with all other IoT processes. The cloud is your friend, but not protecting the data you are moving in and out of that cloud is dangerous.

Contact us at Access Tech to go over security solutions that will best fit your business needs. We have many resources and a lot of experience to aid in protecting your data. We assess and identify potential vulnerabilities, and then transform them into strengths. The right changes will prevent a dangerous hack of your resources.

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