Is your small business on shaky ground?

June 2, 2021
Access Tech: Is Your Small Business on Shaky Ground?

Due to the changes we have seen since COVID, small businesses are facing different technology challenges. Before COVID, about 22% of small businesses had aspects of a remote workforce. Quickly thereafter, that number doubled. Some businesses will return part or all of their operations back to standard working environments. However, the needs for working remotely and incorporating hybrid business models will not change.

Currently, we are looking at 70% of businesses operating with a hybrid workforce. For those businesses, this model allows for lower costs, with consistent revenue. Video calls have taken the place of in-person meetings. This is due to the convenience of mobility and access to the cloud.

Have your small business technological foundations changed with the times? Or, are you going back to the standard way of doing things, with your workers in an office on a daily basis? Either way, some kind of a hybrid approach is probably the most successful, and safe, way to allow your employees to perform their expected duties. Several measures have to be taken into account for this to work properly, though. Otherwise, big changes made in a haphazard way will just cause different issues. If your business is on shaky ground because you are not prepared for this remote landscape, consider changing your methods right away.

Contact Access Tech to discuss your digital transformation plans. We can help with your move to the cloud so you can support a remote workforce as seamlessly as possible.

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