Your guide to small biz cybersecurity

May 28, 2021
Access Tech: Your guide to small biz cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is important for all businesses, big and small. A great guide is available via the Comcast Download, a blog article source that we use frequently. In this blog, we will provide that source link below and deliver some of the major topics and a little meat for your convenience. Improvement in your company’s security is always a plus.

Main Topics About Where To Focus Your Security Efforts

Focus on these major topics to improve your cybersecurity efforts: User Education, Threat Monitoring, Password Management, and Disaster Recovery solutions.

For User Education, helpful and safe are the goals. To accomplish this, regularly provide, or make available, all kinds of training for your employees. Upon hire is not the only time to train. Update them and keep them involved in changes. Tell them how they benefit. “28% of small business owners who suffered a breach attributed it to human error.”

Threat Monitoring includes firewall and anti-virus solutions, and should be maintained and managed constantly. Spam isn’t the only threat to your security; there are many different kinds of threats we all encounter on a daily basis.

Password Management involves patches/updates, encryption, and paying attention to external devices. How much attention do you put towards managing your password protection? What about patches and updates to your existing software? “60% of hacks exploit unpatched vulnerabilities.”

Lastly, Disaster Recovery solutions will save your business when an incident needs immediate response. These solutions include designating who is in charge of these tasks, and which procedures fit best. This goes along with how they are put in place; a smooth deployment is crucial to adaptation.

If you want to chat more with us about cybersecurity, please reach out to us at any time. Access Tech can assist in many of these ways, with your business being central to our success.

Source: Comcast Download

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