Are You Facing Security Threats?

May 21, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

Security threats are growing more common, while not enough businesses have plans in place for prevention. Are you facing an onslaught of security threats within your org? What are you doing to avoid major security fiascos, should they come your way?

Per Symantec, “Supply-chain attacks saw a 78% increase in 2018, while malware is increasingly being used beyond simple intelligence-gathering to actually destroy or disrupt corporate networks. Such attacks rose 25% in 2018.” These numbers are alarming. Botnets and phishing are still very real threats to your internal and external networks. Any employee can simply click on a harmless-looking link and take down a significant part of your LAN. What will you do when that happens?

Look to Access Tech as your guide for assistance in preparing for a potential security breach scenario. We have many resources to help you plan and deploy a secure and reliable prevention solution. Contact us any time!