Cyber Security and the Network: What to Know About Merging Them and the Cloud

May 10, 2021

Given the fact that today’s networks are highly distributed and complex, it might be easy to proclaim that because of various security concerns, the traditional network is dead. Such statements are premature as cyber security and the network remain a topic of much discussion.

The providers barking at everyone to bring their networks to the cloud are big proponents of the “network is dead” discussion. What’s more reasonable to assume is that a more hybrid scenario is actually en vogue now rather than an all-or-nothing situation. Regardless of the course of action you take, security has to be part of the strategy.

It’s Not Yet an All-Cloud Situation

There are several reasons why most organizations haven’t ditched their traditional network strategy for an all-cloud solution. Some claim they’re keeping compliance issues in mind with their traditional or hybrid approach while others are looking at saving money or staying on top of their need for centralized control. Cyber security and the network as they currently stand are also reasons for keeping with their current configuration.

And while network convergence is taking place, it’s a slow evolution that involves such things as integration of internet of things (IoT) and implementation of various applications that are business critical. We also must accept that there are other technologies and movements that are mainstream, if not on their way there, such as edge networking, hyperscale architectures, software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), and 5G.

Merging Security and the Network

There are new demands on security platforms that inform how they are implanted. For those who have been around for a while, you will remember the days when you could design a network and deploy it, only to add security solutions after the fact. But today’s norm is that all components that comprise a network have to be looked at as a single, integrated system.

Cyber security and the network strategy today involve making sure protection is a top priority. This means protecting all the critical applications and transactions. As your data moves from point A to point B, it’s protected. This can involve steps to monitor traffic automatically and to include encryption as needed. It’s a network convergence model that has become widely accepted.At Access Tech, we’re highly involved with organizations undergoing a network convergence and in need of solutions that are custom fit to their unique needs. We know it can be easy to feel overwhelmed about securing your IT, and we’re here to make sure those feelings don’t spiral out of control. In fact, we can get you the solutions you need so you’re not one of the victims that gets hit with a cyber attack every 39 seconds. Contact us, and let’s discuss your options.

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