MS Teams Telephony: Which Approach is Best for Your Business?

April 16, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

The two options for MS Teams Telephony are Direct Routing and Calling Plans. Which approach is best for your business needs? Business calling within Teams using MS Phone System is becoming more common as an enterprise solution. This “virtual PBX hosted by Microsoft in the cloud” can connect calls to the public switched telephony network (PSTN). It then uses Teams to make and receive phone calls.

These two main choices are defined by Microsoft very simply, allowing for decisions to be made in an easy way. Calling Plans come with a “pre-packaged bundle of minutes for a set monthly fee.” Direct Routing uses a Managed Service Provider who “routes Teams calls to the PSTN via its own network infrastructure.” If your business is not using an MSP, the bundle of minutes and monthly fee can work very well for you. However, if your phone system is more complicated or robust, an MSP that can route your calls using Teams might be a better solution.

Read more about MS Teams and your choices here with access to a great whitepaper. Or, contact us at Access Tech to go over the best option for you.