Employee Churn In A Rapidly Changing World

April 9, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

Companies frequently encounter the need for handling employee churn in our rapidly changing world. What are some of the steps to follow to manage employees when they are moving between jobs? What can set your business apart from others to prevent employee churn?

First, always have a back up plan. At some point, employees will leave, move up or down, express dissatisfaction in their position, or need to be let go. Ensure that your knowledge of the company encompasses at least part of what they know. That way, if/when they do leave, you are not left high and dry. Ideally, if an advanced notice of leave is provided, ensure that employee mentors or trains their replacement. If they do not already exist, create process walkthroughs to provide training for the tasks that can be documented. This can be done by the employee that is leaving, or by you, as the owner or leader of the business.

Secondly, and just as important, create and maintain a business atmosphere that promotes trust and individual success. This can involve paying your employees well and providing handsome benefits. In addition, respect, compassion, kindness, and generosity keep people loyal, both in business and personal relationships. Are you treating your employees well? Do you pay them what their worth, commensurate to their job duties? Are you offering opportunities for them to learn and thrive within the industry, and as a whole? You want your employees to stay as long as possible, assuming they are the right fit.

These are excellent questions to ask yourself, and the answers will prepare you for the inevitable, while allowing for high morale.

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