Why is Clearly Documenting Your Work Processes so Important?

April 2, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

As our work climate continues to move towards a remote landscape, the availability of processes and procedures is becoming ever more important. Employees need a quick and easy way to access and reference how to do certain job functions. In addition, info about product information and who to contact for specific requests, are also necessary to have available. Clear documentation allows workers without face-to-face contact with their leaders to feel and perform more autonomously. This creates a better experience for them and your customers, increasing morale and effectiveness.

Documentation Types

What kind of documentation would this include? Articles, walkthroughs, and checklists are the best process documentation to have on hand. Creating a reservoir with a search function that holds these types of docs is a smooth, and less daunting, way for anyone seeking information. Knowledge Based Articles, or KBAs, are extremely helpful as these types of living documents can be easily updated whenever something changes. KBAs can even be distributed to customers, as long as they are written to that audience, or can be easily changed to read as customer-facing.

A successful virtual workspace is entirely possible and allows employees to feel more independent, but only if they have an easy way to access knowledge. Set them up for success. Choose a Subject Matter Expert that can clearly write through a process in a step-by-step manner. Then ensure the process is accessible to your employees by publishing it across your internal platform. This also helps when hiring new workers. They can peruse your already written processes without the need for an actual trainer, saving in costs and time.

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