Managed Integration is Crucial for a Successful Digital Transformation

April 1, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

A successful digital transformation is heavily dependent upon managed integrations. A great example is when your CRM upgrades to a sleeker UI experience, the enhancements are helpful, but the transition towards using the new version can be frustrating. Indeed, when an application changes, certain familiar aspects are no longer available or possible to perform. How does this impact daily operations? Are there ways to prevent potential issues that can inevitably arise when moving to a different platform?

There are several ways to prepare for a successful digital transformation. As with any transition, perform an entire data back up and ensure you understand what data to move. Also ensure that the data being moved is not creating more problems than its solving. Identify where the data will live, how it will operate, and what integrations are available or unavailable. These steps will assist in your transformation.

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