SD-WAN: Survey Reveals Pain Points

March 29, 2021

Recently, a survey was performed by Telia Carrier that has revealed the biggest pain points for the SD-WAN industry. Customer demand and customer performance showed a large discrepancy, with the largest pain point in security.

Here is a graph that shows the breakdown of Telia’s results:

As COVID is now a part of the entire global workforce, SD-WAN has become even more desired by industries of all types. The ability to remotely view usage and issues, make configuration changes, and pull reports, have allowed an immense amount of freedom for IT departments. However, contributions provided by this technology will inevitably have hiccups. As shown in the graph above, security is a major concern.

Questions for Implementing SD-WAN

Would SD-WAN make a good fit for your carrier services configuration? Will it improve and enhance your existing voice and data circuit reliability? Do you want your network to have consistent, useful data that can be viewed and reported in real time? With our resources, Access Tech can aid in answering and resolving your concerns with implementing SD-WAN. Contact us soon to get answers to these questions, and more, any time.