How to Create and Maintain Customer Trust

March 24, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

Creating and maintaining trust with your customers can be a slow process as they learn by experience whether you are reliable and dependable. This takes time within the commerce world, just as it does within the personal world. What types of indicators allow you to trust someone, let alone an entire company? When you have signed with a new customer, the next steps involve giving you the keys to their castle, like managing their security and back ups. Doing this is difficult and stressful for all businesses because it involves a lot of risk. Some of the most common companies that consumers distrust are telecom carriers. That is where a good relationship begins – In telecom, we deal with multiple carriers every day. What are some of the ways can we show our customers it is safe for them to trust us?

Ways to Create Customer Trust

First, start with providing excellent customer service and support in every interaction. Do this by ensuring a great fit between ownership and each frontline employee. These relationships are crucial to your success due to the heavy importance of superior service and support. Frontline employees have the most interactions with your clients: Prospective, current, and past. Customer service and support persons are the first face of your company’s ability to run properly; in times of good, and, more importantly, in times of bad. Trust can also be maintained by showing prioritization and consistency via the responses and efforts shown directly to the customer.

It is also important to remember that the owner-to-customer relationships are still extremely important to maintain. Depending solely on the service and support person can cause issues within your company, and from the view of the customer. Trust is undoubtedly built between parties that exchange honest, open, and realistic communication. If this is successful, it will allow any potential blunders to have a softer fall. As long as the customer believes the trust has effectively been created, proven, and then maintained, they will have more reasons to continue to trust in you. More trust equals more loyalty. Remember: It only takes one unpleasant interaction to lose the trust you have worked so hard to maintain. Stay in the mind of your customer; they are your most important asset.

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