The Loss of an Employee: How Can MSPs Prepare?

February 23, 2021
Insights from Access Tech

As an MSP, or as any type of employer, what should be done in the event of an employee’s loss of life? This is a question that is extremely important, yet rarely discussed. Do you have a thorough and reliable security and business plan in place should an employee suddenly die? It is probable that you already have a designated path to follow should they be fired or if they were to quit. However, many companies simply do not pre-strategize for death.

What Happens When an Employee Death Occurs?

Research has shown that when this scenario occurs, it is common for the deceased employee’s email account to be hacked, as it remains accessible. Thereby threatening the security of that account and any others of which may be associated. The time to act is now. Create, design, and deploy a specific policy to have in place for this, as it could happen at any moment. Protect your company and your accounts via protocols that would activate upon an employee’s demise.

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