Five Ways AI Analytics Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

November 30, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is improving customer interactions and productivity across enterprises. From automating manufacturing processes to chatbot-directed customer service, AI is creating new opportunities for cost savings. Where it really drives change and improvement, however, is through AI analytics.

AI analytics is creating superior customer experiences by utilizing data to heighten customization of those interactions. Take a look at five ways customer experiences are being driven by this technology:

Gathering More Data: AI analytics changes customer experiences simply with the sheer volume of data it can analyze. It goes beyond basic data, such as items purchased or browsing behaviors to analyze patterns through natural language processing (NLP) that allows enterprises to better understand what customers need and want from brands.

NLP also helps you understand what your customers are not enjoying about their experiences. You’ll be able to track complaints or comments that may tell you that a product or service line needs refining, or about a feature on your website that may not be as intuitive as you had hoped.

Unifying Data: AI analytics is also able to pull data from disparate sources and integrate it into a single set of insights. From customer relationship management software to social media and website visits, you can get a clearer picture of where a particular lead is in your buy cycle, allowing you to more perfectly target their steps with the right messaging.

Creating Dynamic Customer Analytics: The above two steps allow your enterprise to gather data that provides insights to not only facts about customers but also attitudes, loyalties, and interests. Once those profiles are established, your data will continue to update as the data sources change with customer behaviors. 

A dynamic customer-analysis approach allows you to keep in step with your customers as their preferences and attitudes change around particular products or events in your industry.

Predict Customer Preferences: If you’ve used Netflix, you’ve already encountered this type of predictive personalization, even if you might be baffled at the recommendations that the streaming service suggests for you. Predictive personalization through AI analytics will give your customers the impression that you know what they need before they know what they need.

Obtain Real-Time Insights: It would be impossible for any customer service agent to retain information about the personal preferences of a customer. With AI analytics, they can have access to a wealth of information as they serve customers, with data pulled in from a variety of sources that provide insights around which types of services or upselling might be appealing to that customer.If you’ve been considering how AI analytics might help your enterprise improve and prioritize customer experiences, contact us at Access Tech. From identifying your needs to choosing the right tools, we can help you leverage solutions that fit your infrastructure and your budget.

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