Two Key Advantages of Business VPNs

September 14, 2020

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a common approach to securing the privacy and networks of individual devices, but many companies opt for business VPNs to address common challenges. From providing secure connectivity to mobile employees to equipping bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs with the right safeguards, business VPNs are a useful solution.

Here are two benefits to including business VPNs as part of your enterprise networking environment:

Geo-Political Concerns: A significant advantage to using a VPN is the ability to access necessary content, no matter your location. If your organization is spread across branches in several regions or continents, or if you have employees that travel to countries with strict cyber security laws, a VPN allows them to work as if they were right in your home office. You can avoid geo restrictions and access all services. 

Security: As part of a successful BYOD program, VPNs allow you to securely connect any device that comes into your Wi-Fi network. Without these safeguards, there’s a risk that sensitive data could leak outside of your business.

By investing in business VPNs, your employees have the ability to install a VPN on their devices, which then encrypts their data.

A VPN will improve overall security in your organization. If you have a large segment of your employees working remotely, you may face challenges related to keeping their devices and your network secure. Even if your employees have been trained on how to watch for phishing emails or not to click on questionable sites, they may have family members who are less aware of the risks.

When you add a VPN service, there’s an added layer of security that grants you fewer worries about being exposed to a cyber security problem through remote workers or a BYOD program.

Choosing a Business VPN: VPNs are easy to set up on an individual level, but they can be more challenging as numbers go up in a business setting. Make sure you are choosing a solution with a provider that has demonstrated success in enterprises.

Talk with other businesses that are similar to yours to see what solutions they are using, and ask the providers you’re considering to provide you with information about the specific benefits you’ll see in your enterprise.

Of course, cost will also be a determinant, and costs escalate quickly as you get into more users. However, when compared with the costs of reversing a remote workforce strategy or the risk of a data breach, the benefits of business VPNs may improve the perspective on how it affects the enterprise budget.If you’re considering business VPNs for your enterprise, contact us at Access Tech. Among the variety of VPN solutions available, we can help you identify which will fit your security goals and your budget.

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