IT Operations Strategies That Work

August 24, 2020

Trimming the budget and connecting with newer, more advanced technology aren’t often uttered in the same sentence; however, with IT operations revamping almost constantly, the hope for many company leaders and chief information officers (CIOs) is to invest in technology to improve workflow while shoring up financial inefficiencies.

Juggling economic efficiencies and modern technology is not easy. As any CIO can attest to, doing more with less is a skill in high demand. According to a survey by Dresner Advisory Services, 90% of businesses said they basically scrapped their original 2020 budget in response to the pandemic.

Even without a world-changing event such as a pandemic, having the flexibility to “roll with the tide” can only go so far. The question many business leaders are asking now is: How can I make my IT operations more efficient? Fortunately, there are some good examples to base your next moves on.

Out With the Bad

If you’ve enjoyed modest budget increases year after year, which is the case for most CIOs after recovering from the Great Recession, you’ve had leeway to take risks on processes that might not have panned out for you. That flexibility is gone in 2020.

While innovation is still important, “trimming the fat” is mandatory right now. Business leaders need to focus on high performing technologies and processes and trim the poor performers. Before investing in any new technology, it has to have proven its value.

Cloud-Based Winners

Enterprise spending on cloud-based technologies continues to ramp up. Even when spending is down, the solutions found in providers that utilize the cloud are getting a lot of attention because any spending in this arena is offset by the efficiencies provided.

For example, the right provider can deliver on solutions that do the following:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Scale more effectively
  • Focus on core business initiatives
  • Increase efficiency in IT operations
  • Directly access carrier and cloud services
  • Mitigate risk and improve security

Just about every aspect of a business can be addressed by cloud-based applications. With some due diligence, you can find the ones that make the most sense for your day-to-day operations.

Smoother Workflow for the Long Haul

If hard times do any good, it’s that they become a teachable moment. CIOs are particularly accustomed to this way of thinking and are often the first to push for thinking more in line with “lean operations.”

By working with an agent that has years of experience with technologies that propel a business forward, you can make better decisions for your company that will be beneficial for years to come.At Access Tech, our approach to unified communications, connectivity, cloud, and security technologies helps our clients move forward even in the most difficult of business climates. Find out more about our approach by contacting us today.

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