UCaaS – Enabling Smooth Transition into Remote Working

August 17, 2020
Insights from Access Tech

“As COVID-19 stay-at-home orders are gradually lifted and states begin to return to some semblance of everyday life, we shouldn’t assume an automatic return to the office.

“Businesses across the globe have learned during the pandemic that their workforce is just as powerful and enabled when working from home, particularly when utilizing technologies such as unified communications (UC), to their fullest effect. Yet because of the circumstances that led us to be remote, setup was generally rushed and managed as an interim arrangement.

“With many organizations now making the decision to keep some, or even all of their staff in a permanent remote working environment, time and resources must be invested toward building permanent work-from-home setups.

“UC is key to enabling smooth connectivity and collaboration through a variety of technologies that can be implemented easily and quickly. The following considerations will enable an effective, permanent UC remote setup, while also keeping staff productive and engaged.”

Hardware, software, security, and privacy are the main considerations for implementing UCaaS during this newly, more immersive remote worker environment. Contact us at Access Tech for deployment and implementation questions of any kind at info@accesstech.biz.

Source: SmarterMSP

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