Why IT Outsourcing Is Making a Resurgence

July 6, 2020

If you’ve been in the IT business for more than a decade, you probably remember a period where outsourcing IT solutions was kind of taboo. Given the digital transformation movement, anyone who believed that IT outsourcing was dead has likely changed their tune.

To keep up with and have a chance at surpassing the competition, you have to embrace flexibility, which means looking at different avenues for extending your IT. And think about it — can you independently manage everything that a cloud-based IT solution provider can? Even companies with large IT budgets can’t accomplish the same broad array of services.

Being Strategic

IT outsourcing is now considered a strategy among executives that are in the midst of digitizing, but it’s also embraced by those who have completed their digitization journey because it allows them to be more transformative and evolve where required.

Strategy also becomes important when you take migrating data into account. Cloud migration is filled with several layers of complexities, which means core competencies have to be evaluated, and a determination has to be made on how applications are managed (cloud or on-premise).  All the licensing agreements can get confusing if not managed carefully. IT outsourcing can allow you to work closely with a team that makes quick work of all the complexities.


Cost is always an issue, but companies that look at IT outsourcing are interested in more than just saving money — they’re focused on rapid transformation without bottlenecks, learning curves, or downtime. One of the perks of adopting outsourced IT solutions is being able to transform the way you manage your workforce and your assets.

Working with a trusted agent can also ease you into a situation where you’re not running through trial and error with your IT needs. For example, there are so many providers out there today, so how do you know you’re getting hooked up with the one that is right for your organization?

When you work with an IT agent, they will listen to you, figure out where you are and where you want to be, and provide you with recommendations on providers that will offer you the right technological solutions.At Access Tech, we’re focused on helping you with technology so you can focus on your business. We have relationships with hundreds of global suppliers of technological solutions, which means we know where to look to find you what you need to grow as a company and be more flexible in the years to come. We’ve assisted our clients for years in finding solutions related to network, security, data center, cloud, communication, and professional services. Don’t go it alone — utilize our years of experience to your benefit and contact us today.

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