Cybersecurity: Important Considerations for Remote Workers

June 19, 2020
Insights from Access Tech

There have been many business changes since the Pandemic occurred and some of them are here to stay. Working from home, or at least not going to the office every day, has become the new normal for over 2/3 of the American working population. This introduces many new, and old, challenges for the realm of Cybersecurity.

Culture vs. Best Practice

Our cultural laziness, due to the perceived protection of privacy while we are surfing the web at home, bleeds into working from this same environment. The security we have become accustomed to within the corporate construct was taken for granted and it is easy to forget these same practices still need to be in place at home. Encryption, password authentication, virus protection, and the like, are even more crucial as we develop consistent patterns of performing work duties remotely. Protecting data is even more important, now that the majority of us have changed our patterns so dramatically. It has become easier to infiltrate our company Books of Business, due to the weakened security present within our homes.

What Can You Do?

There are many ways to implement Cybersecurity for remote workers. Home audits, training, and the incorporation of secure data programs are just some of the ways we can prevent catastrophic scenarios. Serious issues will arise for the companies we work for if these needs are overlooked. Most, if not all, of these measures can all be implemented from home, making it entirely beneficial for companies to invest in such protection.

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We are all in this together.

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