Five Benefits of Enterprise VPNs

March 2, 2020

When you read in the headlines that some of the biggest enterprises are victims of hackers infiltrating their networks to steal data, you may wonder how your enterprise could ever stand a chance. The answer, for enterprises of all sizes, is virtual private networks (VPNs).

A VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network through the internet. It serves a variety of purposes, but most enterprises value its ability to shield and protect data as it is in transfer to another party.

There are several good reasons to employ VPNs to better secure your data:

VPNs Secure Data on the Public Internet. A VPN shields your internet activity from hackers. While this may not seem critical when you are browsing vacation options at home, for enterprises this type of activity can be insecure on a public WiFi network and prone to attacks. Hackers use complex machine learning to disable encryption and identify vulnerabilities.

A VPN masks the IP address and location and encrypts all data.

VPNs Promote Global Mobility. If you have a geographically dispersed staff, they may need a way to circumvent local policy or censorship rules in order to post on LinkedIn or Facebook, or conduct other business. For companies that actively pursue a social media presence, this capability is critical.

VPNs allow employees to conduct business in any location as if they were sitting in the office. 

VPNs Enable Safe Data Transfer. Every enterprise needs a way to ensure safe transport for data to and from cloud solutions, business partners, and customers. A VPN allows data to move in and out of the corporate network without concern because the data has been encrypted and the VPN sets up a virtual tunnel between the networks.

VPNs Can Be Used on Any Device and in Any Hot Spot. VPNs offer true flexibility, with users able to access their VPN as long as they have a connected device. This includes any WiFi hotspot that a user might detect while traveling.

VPNs Prevent Speed Throttling. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may experience periods of greater demand, leading them to throttle your speed during busy periods, or slow the speed of certain sites, such as YouTube or Netflix. This may seem irrelevant to a business, unless they heavily promote products via YouTube. A VPN prevents the ISP from making changes to the throttle rate based on demand, protecting the speed and performance of your platforms.Are you considering VPNs as a way to secure your data and networks? Don’t go it alone. Contact us at Access Tech, where we can help you determine the measurable benefits you’ll see in a VPN solution.

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