What Are 3 Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft Azure?

February 13, 2020
Insights from Access Tech

There are obviously many benefits to updating your IT infrastructure. However, what if you were to migrate to Microsoft Azure? How would that benefit you and would it be better than what you currently have? Here are three specific benefits you will potentially encounter should you move over to Azure:

  1. Reduce Costs – Moving to Azure would eliminate a basic, but extremely important, need for ongoing hardware maintenance expenses and large CAPEX costs that are usually required upfront. Scaling up and down is easy to implement with Azure.
  2. Enable Digital Transformation – IT infrastructure improvement is just that: It improves your customer’s experiences and builds retention. With Azure, customers might be more likely to stick around longer.
  3. Meet Compliance Requirements – With regulatory standards, like GDPR, it might be hard to maintain compliance if your system is outdated. Penalties, fines, and other negative experiences can be avoided if your IT system is as up to date as possible. This can be done by implementing cloud services, such as Azure, which would prevent such hassles.

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