The Way We Connect Has Changed – Is Voicemail Dead?

January 1, 2020
Insights from Access Tech

Voicemail is Now Viewed as Taking Too Much Time Away From Our Day

Accessing, listening to, and tracking our voicemails are consistently creating the death of those types of messages altogether. Texting is quicker and easier, giving us the fastest way to receive communication from everyone trying to contact us. Yes, voicemails take up more space, take more time to listen to, and can be inconvenient to access. Our culture views even that one minute of time and effort spent to get that voicemail message as one minute too long, when we can just glance at a text or email and see the message immediately. Texting just feels more private and less burdensome to most people.
It’s a wonder that we have reached the point where even a minute or two can impede our daily progress, but it’s true, and it is quickly causing the voicemail necessity to become obsolete. What happens most of the time is people ignore the call, which leads to ignoring the voicemail, which leads to a text being sent, and it is the text that is paid attention.
This fundamental change in how we communicate has led us to feel that phone conversations in general are inconvenient and inefficient. Texting allows us to type something out, read and re-read it, edit it, and even save it instead of sending it, or send it later, or send it then…The possibilities are incredibly malleable when dealing with textual content versus a recorded message. In our current cultural climate, we love customization, personalization, and lots of options and choices.

Phone Calls Still Matter

Making and receiving phone calls still present great results. It may take more time, and it can definitely become a frustrating task when dealing with IVRs, etc., but the conversation that occurs between parties is usually more fruitful. In terms of our personal communication and behavioral styles, tonality and emotions are harder to convey via text. Phone calls and the messages left in a voicemail convey these extremely important factors in communicating with another person or company.
If you have any questions about how the decrease in use of voicemail is affecting you and/or your company, please reach out to us by phone or email…Whichever is your preferred method.

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