The Data Security Approach That Offers Long Term Protection

December 16, 2019

Data security has long been a priority for companies of all sizes. No matter how big or small, cyber crime doesn’t discriminate against any targets. The way data is protected continues to evolve with the ever-changing methods cyber criminals use to gain access to systems. From backing up data to closing the gaps that represent vulnerabilities, constantly updating the approach to safety is a smart move.
The Importance of Encryption
Encrypted data isn’t much use to thieves. Should they breach your system, gaining access to unreadable data is not much of a payoff. The ultimate goal isn’t necessarily to stop unauthorized users from getting into your system, and while that is in part an aspect of your overall strategy, you have to be cognizant of the fact that the most innovative hackers can get into about anything. What you can do is ensure minimal exposure.
An important note here is to make sure your encryption keys are tucked away. Should the hacker get access to those, your encrypted data will not be encrypted for long.
Get Insured
Great data security strategies involve thinking proactively and reactively. Take, for instance, how the Internet of Things involves many ambiguities. You can’t be 100% sure connected devices, as small as they might seem, aren’t the gateway for cyber criminals. This is why it is smart to have cyber security insurance.
Many companies look at the premiums associated with this type of insurance and balk. Think about the companies that were hit with a big attack and had to fold months after said attack. That should be motivation enough to get you signed up for a plan that suits your needs.
Off-Site Backup
Backing up data should be practically written into the DNA of any data security plan. Data security isn’t always about cyber criminals — it’s also about disasters, natural and otherwise. Having your data securely backed up, preferably off-site, can avert complete disaster.
Why use an off-site method? Think about a fire ravaging your on-site server room. If that is the permanent and only residence of your data, you’re sunk. By using cloud-based services, you can have data backed up in multiple places, so when a disaster rips through your geographical area, your data remains safely available in a geographically disparate location.
There are options when it comes to your security plan, from hardware and software to cloud-based services that match your unique needs. When you partner with a trusted agent that has years of experience helping clients find the right tools, you can vastly improve your data security position.
At Access Tech, we have helped clients ease in to cloud computing and colocation services that change how they access, share, and store data. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can mitigate risk and improve security.

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