Moving Forward With Digital Transformation

September 23, 2019

Most enterprises are pursuing digital transformation, harnessing volumes of data through cloud solutions and responding more quickly to customer preferences. For each enterprise that successfully moves through initiatives to achieve improved agility and scalability in their business processes, there may be a line of unsuccessful transformation stories from similar enterprises.
What’s the difference between enterprises that nimbly move through a digital transformation and those that get stuck in the process? There are common obstacles, including the evolution of security policies and investment in the right infrastructure and talent, but the most common challenge for enterprises is simply knowing what to do with all of that data.
Cloud solutions are producing unprecedented levels of information about customer behaviors and business productivity, but many enterprises sit on vast volumes of data without knowing how to harness it for measurable progress in their digital transformations. You can avoid this pitfall, but it’s going to require three important steps:

  • Create a Culture Change:
    Embracing data analysis at this level will be a hurdle for your company, even if you’ve typically consulted manual reports to discover trends or patterns. You’ll need to encourage company-wide buy-in to the concept of mining data for insights to solve every business challenge and inform your decisions. Your enterprise should shift away from assumptions and opinions and toward hard data that support objectives and changes.
  • Hire the Right Talent:
    You may need to invest in some new talent to support the level of data analysis you’ll need. You’ll likely be tapping into data received from artificial intelligence sources, and you may not have employees on staff that have the right skills to mobilize teams based on data results.
  • Apply the Data at Every Level of Business:
    Every business decision and every objective should be shaped by the data. For instance, if you are using an automated, artificial intelligence-powered contact center service, mine those calls for insights, then apply them to your practices. Maybe you find there’s a high rate of customers hanging up when a certain prompt is presented, or that once customers utilize your online chat function to solve a problem, they’re less likely to need a follow-up for resolution.
    The data is only as useful as you make it. Having a data lake produces nothing in terms of cost savings, process improvement, or customer retention. Once you’ve begun to use the data to form insights and apply them to your business practices, you’ll have made a valuable investment in digital transformation.

To learn more about making the most of your data for a value-added digital transformation, contact us at Access Tech. We can help you leverage the right tools to make data interpretation, analysis, and application an integrated part of your enterprise culture.

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