Carriers Enforcing Auto-Renewals and PRI Prices Increasing

June 25, 2019
Insights from Access Tech

Carriers Enforcing Auto-Renewals – How Does this Affect You?
Across the board, carriers are enforcing Auto-Renewals on current contracts. Contractual Auto-Renewals occur when your current contact term ends and then automatically renews for either the originally signed amount of time, or for a year, dependent upon the carrier. Contracts are a benefit as they allow customers to take advantage of discounted pricing, allowing for major savings.
Historically, carriers have been lax in enforcing contract Auto-Renewals. When contracts do Auto-Renew, the contract is renewed at the same rate. If the Auto-Renew does not occur, the contract is moved to Month to Month pricing, increasing costs of up to 20-40%. Access Tech is here to provide you with more information about how this affects your business directly.
As the end of your term approaches, that is a great time to determine if those contracted services still fit your needs. Access Tech will help you determine if signing a new agreement could be a benefit. We can also assist you in understanding the Terms and Conditions of that agreement as we know the wording can be complicated.
PRI Prices Increasing – Will this Affect You?
Carriers that still offer TDM PRIs are increasing their rates. If you have a PRI currently in place, expect to see prices go up 20% as your services come out of contact. Let Access Tech help you determine if PRIs still make sense for your business. We can also negotiate rates on your current PRIs, should you choose to keep them.
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