SD-WAN is Heating Up!

April 19, 2019
Insights from Access Tech

Diverse Path Optimization (DPO) by way of SD-WAN is a technology we recommend to our clientele on a daily basis. This is because it provides a way to load-balance a company’s circuits, always ensuring their Internet is up and healthy. If there are any issues with a circuit, Bigleaf’s DPO service functions as a way to monitor and alert anyone you choose, allowing for real time utilization reporting via their user-friendly portal. This service can be crucial to your operations and has the ability to prevent long down times and to help maintain a stable connection by gauging packet loss and latency.

Bigleaf, SD-WAN, and the Cloud Expansion

SD-WAN is heating up around the world due to the expansion of cloud applications. Even European businesses are establishing cloud adoption, driven by applications like VoIP and Office365, so their need for SD-WAN solutions is expanding right aside ours in America.
To meet this consistently growing demand, Bigleaf has launched three major International telecom hubs in Europe: London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. Bigleaf is also expanding to Paris and Australia later this year. This empowers partners like us to integrate an SD-WAN solution to global customers, narrowing the gap between the cloud and companies that need stable Internet connections.
Learn more about Bigleaf’s expansion here.

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