Cyber Security: Evolving Is Crucial to Survival

March 18, 2019

There is so much discussion about data breaches that it is easy to risk becoming complacent. That’s a dangerous position to reach. A casual attitude on cyber security can leave gaps in your security strategies that leave your enterprise vulnerable to serious, and potentially detrimental, loss.
There are a few reasons why security doesn’t get the respect that it should. In some cases, a small- to medium-sized business feels they don’t have the resources to stay current with cyber security best practices. Others feel that safety controls can hamper workflow, creating bottlenecks that might be unwarranted. Given that nearly every single business process involves systems, networks and computing, there is no alternative to boosting security protocols.
It’s also easy to become overwhelmed with cyber security options, not to mention the various types of attacks out there today, from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) to malware to ransomware and everything in between. These attacks are occurring every 40 seconds and organizations are expected to lose $150 million or more by 2020 due to data breaches.
When you take on the right security partner, you gain access to risk analysis, endpoint security, data protection and compliance, managed firewalls, and security-as-a-service expertise.
Going Beyond Compliance
It’s not uncommon for companies to build up their compliance strategies in an attempt to keep everybody in line and keep company data safely tucked in a place where only authorized users can access it. The problem is that many of these compliance strategies aren’t strong enough to provide a solid cyber security solution.
One of the issues is that personal data has entered the workplace. Constant connection via smart phones and tablets means the typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday no longer exists. Employees and end users need protection, which is why you must find a third party to assist you in being protected at all points.
Security as a Service
Your security practices must evolve as the cyber security threats do. Taking this on in-house can be a challenge, especially for smaller organizations that might lack access to the right technical personnel, not to mention the hardware investments that go along with top-notch security. By choosing a third party partner for security-as-a-service solutions, you can offload the work that’s taking up so much of your team’s time and let experts who do this full-time take over.
At Access Tech, we’re the agent you need to partner with so you can stay worry free about some of the biggest threats out there today and focus on growing your business. Contact us today and let us do all the work to keep your data safe.

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