H5 Makes Another Carrier Hotel Acquisition: In San Antonio, TX

December 20, 2018
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H5 Buys Their Next Carrier Hotel —

H5, a wholesale data center provider, recently bought the 100 Taylor building in San Antonio, Texas. The company’s goal is to address the needs of large enterprises and cloud service providers. CenturyLink, LOGIX, Telia, Windstream, are among the carrier networks that are directly accessible from this location. This adds 85,000 square feet and 25 On Net providers to their total Data Center portfolio. This means they are now competing with Cyrus One and Stream Data in the San Antonio market. H5 states this data center is “ideal for content companies, cloud service providers, and communications carriers seeking the benefits of a neutral carrier hotel that can help lower network costs and improve latency to end users across the globe” (H5 Data Centers).

Carrier Hotels, AKA Colocation Centers, AKA Data Centers —

Unsure of what a carrier hotel is? Carrier hotels are secure physical sites where data communications are interconnected. They are also often called colocation centers or data centers. These sites provide fast Internet access to various types of clients. Carrier hotels provide colocation on a massive scale and offer various other services to their customers, in addition to fast Internet. Clients can house their physical equipment on site, either as racks alone or dedicated rooms for the hardware. Services for hardware and software installation, maintenance, and updates are usually available as well.
It is common for many Internet/Fiber service providers to merge and share the facilities of a single carrier hotel, like the one H5 just acquired in San Antonio. Such cooperation optimizes communications efficiency and reduces overhead for clients. Carrier hotels assist companies by providing simple and quick ways to interconnect with other colocation tenants. Among the clientele that benefit from carrier hotels are website hosting companies, storage service providers, streaming providers like Netflix, and telecom companies.
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