Cloud Security Solutions for Improved Safety

December 3, 2018

If you leave gaps in your cloud security management plan, you are leaving the door wide open for a cyber criminal to walk right through to get to your data. The most common gaps organizations are experiencing today are often related to identity and access management (IAM).
Research conducted for the latest Cloud Report by Netskope points a finger at IAM as a weak link in cloud security. In fact, 71.5% of violations are related to IAM. The scary part is that 86% of those violations could be defined as critical.
Gaining Control
There is often a gap between planning and implementation, but sometimes the planning itself lacks cloud security best practices. Even when the guidelines are carefully mapped out, it’s up to the users to adhere to them.
For example, if you have in place a multi-factor identity and access rule, but there is no accountability in place for actually following that rule, breaches are the end result. The same goes for passwords – if users get lazy with them, it becomes easier for hackers to break in. Gaining control over this aspect of your cloud security strategy is critical.
The Multi-Cloud Conundrum
The complexities involved with a multi-cloud environment can increase the challenges in your cloud security planning. The challenge is in moving data in and out of these various platforms in a safe manner that doesn’t involve a roadblock that slows your workflow.
One strategy that has worked for organizations invested in a multi-cloud environment has been to improve their visibility at the workload layer. This involves behavior-based monitoring, which will provide you with a unique view into what’s happening in real time. When something suspicious is spotted, your security team is able to react swiftly and prevent the threat from doing untold damage.
Furthermore, improved visibility through monitoring will offer a more comprehensive view of system modifications that are not authorized, and detect anomalous users and shut them out of your system.
When you get the technology you need from a partner who cares, you’re well on your way to operating in a safer, less risky environment – and that’s what Access Tech is here to offer. Our cloud security solutions protect our clients against malware and DDoS attacks, which continue to evolve. With cyber attacks occurring every 39 seconds, it is important to find the most reliable and consistent cloud security solutions. Contact us today and find out more about how we can help.

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