How Mobility Is Powering Project Management

November 5, 2018

Enterprises are beginning to choose project management solutions that are outside the firewall, tapping into the benefits of the cloud. While reduced costs and scalability make these solutions attractive, the most disruptive force for project management is the focus that cloud solutions place on mobility.
Take a look at how prioritizing mobility can revolutionize how your organization, and more specifically, your project management team, handles business processes:
Fewer meetings: All projects have one necessary evil in common: meetings. While meetings can create a bottleneck if they are scheduled either too often or not often enough, it’s important for teams to come together to communicate and check progress. Teams get frustrated when meetings are run inefficiently or scheduled during times when steps could be taken to finish a task.
The mobility enabled by cloud solutions eliminates or at least greatly reduces the need for team meetings. Because employees can access the system from wherever they are, team members can update task status and keep coworkers up to date on their progress in real time.
Eliminate the Gantt chart: Project managers fight an almost constant tendency for team members to focus in on a specific task and ignore the broader and more cumbersome parts of the process, like updating a Gantt chart. Cloud solutions remove the need for a Gantt chart, because timelines and tasks are continuously updated and automatic reminders keep everyone on schedule.
Improve security: Cloud solutions tighten up user access while being device agnostic. This means that an employee can log into the system from any connected device, working the same way whether they are on a desktop in the office or at home on the couch with their tablet. Identity management solutions ensure that users can access only the data, features and solutions that are necessary for their role in the project.
Anytime, anywhere productivity: Flexible schedules, geographical disparity, remote teams and telework all have a place in project management with mobility features available in cloud solutions. Tools like shared workspaces and video conferencing enable virtual teams to connect, no matter where they are or what time it is.
Customize to fit your project: Mobile apps can easily be customized to fit the exact needs of your project management team. They offer flexibility that you can’t get from desktop apps, and improve productivity for your team.
Are you looking for a better project management solution that equips your team with enhanced mobility features? Contact us at Access Tech. We help you leverage cloud solutions that reduce the number of required meetings and provide real-time communications between team members.

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