Be Proactive With Your Cloud Security Strategy

October 22, 2018

Despite organizations in just about every industry diving head first into cloud-based solutions, cloud security issues remain a concern. Multi-tenant solutions are being used, and at a cost savings, but these concerns are what keep some organizations from fully embracing cloud technology.
There are a number of service models in use today, as well as different types of deployments. Organizations can seek out the best options for their unique needs. Keeping context in mind is important, as not every type of deployment or service model will be a suitable fit.

Where Is the Risk?
If you’re in a relatively risk-free environment before entering into cloud-based solutions, are you opening yourself up to risk by moving to a cloud solution? Some of the risk is actually already present in on-premise solutions. However, there is a feeling of safety, often misguided, in having physical control over data residing on-premise.
Because a cloud-based solution means you don’t have physical control over the hardware associated with where your data resides, users often feel a greater amount of risk. In truth, the data is no less secure in the cloud than in an on-premise data center.
Preparing for Protection
To know how to protect yourself, you have to know where the risk lies. It is critical to get a glimpse into where you’re vulnerable, and this can often be assessed by looking at technical aspects such as data leakage, loss of encryption keys, insider compromises, password protection and resource exhaustion.
If you’ve already considered these areas with your on-premise solutions, you’ll need to examine them again for your cloud-based solutions.
Key Threats
Malware and other types of attacks are evolving at an astonishing rate.  Organizations can’t afford to be complacent; they need to be proactive in reducing risks.
A proactive approach doesn’t involve establishing a firewall and calling it good. While firewalls are important, your cloud security strategy must include far more than just a basic firewall. Partnering with a third party to fully round out a strategy and then implement it can be key for protecting your organization.
At Access Tech, we know that cloud computing and colocation are changing how businesses access, store and share data. Therefore, we focus on core business while increasing the efficiency of  IT operations. From managed firewalls to risk analysis, endpoint security, and security as a service, we have the tools you need to improve your security. Contact us today and find out how we can provide your organization with top-notch cloud security.

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