Mapping Your Transformation to Cloud Security

August 20, 2018

Cloud-based services and cloud security solutions have become commonplace. However, there is a range of opinions regarding cloud security, with some believing it isn’t enough for an enterprise-level company. There is also a common misconception that cloud-based solutions have security built in.
Addressing Assumptions
First and foremost, it’s important to address assumptions and outline a few nuances of cloud security. For example, there is security for the cloud, and there also exists security from the cloud. Your security for the cloud will protect cloud networks. If you’re getting security from the cloud, you’re talking about safeguards that will protect on-premise infrastructure, applications and your workload.
Finding New Ways of Working
Thanks to evolving cloud-based technology, we now have new ways of integrating development and operations teams, as well as the processes they count on. DevOps engineers can utilize integration capabilities to develop solutions that can have a great impact on business decisions. Security can be integrated into DevOps for improved cloud security solutions. Security-as-a-code is something these engineers are considering for changing the cloud security culture.
Hybrid Solutions
It makes sense for any organization to take an assessment of their current state of security as they plan for more cloud-based processes, including cloud security. Take stock of your current processes and make adjustments for a cloud-based approach. This can also include a hybrid approach for instances such as migrating workloads.
Staying Compliant
While we’re seeing plenty of change in regard to cloud-based technology, something that hasn’t changed is the legislation governing workloads. Enterprise workloads will continue to be modified to adapt to the cloud-based method, but organizations must continue to be diligent in making sure their policies and procedures are audited. Auditors should be looking for some accountability from their security personnel in regard to data classification, encryption, business continuity and incident management, among other security issues.
While most organizations can attest to the fact that they need to do more to improve their business continuity strategy, most are aiming to achieve better outcomes where security is concerned. From gaining ground with automation to securing more effective cloud workload processes, organizations are changing the way they think about cloud security.
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