Making the Most of Digital Transformation in a Small Business

April 16, 2018

With cloud providers able to offer solutions at any scale, digital transformation makes the latest technology accessible to small businesses. While in the past, only the big corporations could afford the best management tools, the subscription-based, scalable model of software levels the playing field.
On the flip side, those small businesses that don’t embrace digital transformation are likely to fade out. Consumers, accustomed to the seamless convenience of smartphones and instant access to companies, are demanding an ever-better experience with the brands they favor. Only companies that prioritize digitization will survive. Here’s how small businesses can keep pace:
Appoint a chief technology officer (CTO). Do you have someone on staff that always has the latest phone models and seems to be constantly showing you a more efficient way to organize your email? Assign them to be your CTO. This may seem a little strange in a small company, but you need to designate a person who can watch for areas where technology can improve your business processes and help you remain competitive.
Always look ahead. With your newly-appointed CTO, watch for coming technology changes and the ways they’ll impact your industry. For instance, the popularity of Facebook Live means companies are shifting their advertising dollars to make more videos. This is low-hanging fruit for small companies because it only requires a smartphone and an employee willing to appear on-camera to get started with live video. Watching for these types of trends will help you shift your budget and stay agile in a changing market.
Embrace flexibility. The very value of your product in the market could change in the future, so the ability to adapt and shift your focus is crucial in digital transformation. For instance, a company specializing in providing computer hardware should have undergone an adaptation over the last couple of years to accommodate the migration to cloud software. If they don’t have a plan in place, they will be fighting with competitors over the last few companies using on-site systems over the next decade.
Remember that digital transformation is unavoidable. The most critical piece for small businesses is to not put your head in the sand and pretend digital transformation isn’t happening. The good news is that critical objectives, like moving to the cloud for software needs and shifting to digital marketing, are relatively accessible for small businesses. There’s no need to be left behind.
If you’re thinking of taking your small business to the cloud, contact us at Access Tech. While other companies may try to sell you a pre-packaged plan that doesn’t truly serve your needs, we can connect you with cost-effective performance to fit your business model. Make an appointment to learn more.

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